Concrete cast creations (furniture, sinks, countertops)

In Cyprus….handmade structures using the strength of cement to create every possible kind of unique artifacts known as “artisanal pieces”. They withstand the test of time, they are durable, timeless and naturally bring out the balance of clean and modern lines in each item’s style and uniqueness… GEVO.

BUDDY RHODES is a mixed, cast material that has overcome the various problems found in the inherent structure and behavior of cement such as cracking, distortion, color uniformity, water permeability and strength. This material is based on a mixture of cement, sand and resins. With the use of galvanized wires one can create any type of 3D shape and can be modelled into any shape and color according to taste and requirement.

It is ideal for countertops, washbasins, concrete kitchen sinks, concrete furniture, fireplaces and many architectural elements and any shape where your imagination is the limit. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.

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Buddy Rhodes concrete countertops

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