Kitchen Sinks

A large collection of kitchen sinks is available offering a variety of designs (classic, modern, contemporary) and prices. Models are chosen by GEVO with the needs of the housewife in mind, as well as the demands of a modern kitchen.

Kitchen sinks are normally divided into three categories based on the material of manufacture – stainless steel, synthetic granite or ceramic with or without drain, undercounter or over counter and with one, two or two and a half bowls.

Stainless Steel sinks are made to strict European Standards using 10/18 INOX and imported from such reputable manufacturers as FRANKE (Switzerland) and FOSTER (Italy).

Granite (synthetic/engineered stone) sinks use natural granite as the main ingredient and are becoming ever more popular. On offer you will find a rich collection of shapes, sizes and colours – FRANKE (Switzerland) and SCHOCK (Germany).

Ceramic or porcelain kitchen sinks are in a class of their own offering not only beauty and excellent hygiene but also resistance to thermal shock.

Kitchen Sinks

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