Indoor and Outdoor Ceramics

The choice of an appropriate floor will improve considerably the aesthetics of your house. It will attract attention and renew your space. A floor of course offers apart from an aesthetic improvement a functional, usage perspective that will be in place for a long time. In its essence, it is an element that is more permanent than the furniture you buy or the colours you paint your walls.

It is important to remember that different spaces may need a different type of floor. At GEVO we offer a variety of materials and solutions to cater for the needs of the most discerning and demanding clients.

Rest assured that at GEVO you will find what you are looking for….

In seeking the best solution one should bear in mind certain parameters such as material characteristics, strength and of course aesthetics that harmonise with your preferences and style. Our experienced personnel will be happy to advise on different available options but also offer their advise during installation.

The covering of a floor must satisfy three basic principles: Functionality, Resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses, and of course Aesthetic appeal for the space we live or work.

At GEVO you will find tiles of a huge variety of designs…wood, marble, concrete, stone, vintage, classic, 3D offering the warmth of a natural material and the strength made available by the advancements in tile-making technologies.

Do not hesitate to seek our advise for what you may have chosen based on the above principles of functionality, strength and aesthetic appeal and never forget that the latter bears a big relationship to your choice of colour and size.

Correspondingly GEVO offers a rich variety of choices and solutions for your outdoor area whether it is a balcony, verandah, garden or even business apace.

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