Shower Enclosures & Bath Screens

At GEVO we import and make available from Provex of Italy, a comprehensive range of shower enclosures covering a wide range of tastes and needs.

The large variety of shower enclosure shapes and sizes (semi-circular, square, rectangular, straight wall-to-wall) with the corresponding shower trays, offer flexibility and the possibility of options for your space. Different combinations can offer a very personal aesthetic result for your bathroom without compromising functionality.

The shower enclosures are characterised by high quality and durability, ergonomic design and ease of installation. Today more and more consumers in Cyprus prefer this solution for ergonomic and functionality reasons.

One can choose a square cabin from basic dimensions – 70×70, 80×80, 90×90, 100×100 and 120×120 cm. Rectangular cabins are also available in many dimensions but at the end of the day if none of the standard options satisfies your needs, then you can always order to your own custom requirements!

For safety reasons all glass panels are made of tempered glass ranging from 4mm to 8mm and all profiles are either anodised or chrome plated aluminium offering superb resistance to moisture. The usual height is 185-200cm while in any other situation one must choose the custom-made solution.

Visit one of the GEVO showrooms for a first-hand experience of our products and to see in person our high quality. We shall be only too happy to serve you in making the best choice and submit our most cost-effective solution.

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