Bathroom Wall Tiles

The most popular material for a bathroom wall covering is the ceramic tile as well as ceramic and glass mosaics.

Bathroom tiles will be the decorative element that will make the difference in a bathroom and its personality. It will of course reflect personal tastes and current trends in colour combinations and designs.

The choice of tile must of course be according to our aesthetic preferences but special attention should be given to the way the tile will be installed. A large and expensive beautiful tile may not be suitable for a bathroom that is too small or has too many openings or the ceiling is too low.

From the decorative perspective our collections carry influences from the past – classical, vintage, to modern minimalistic, hi-tec,geometric catering for most needs.

You may choose your bathroom tiles according to your mood and style remembering that this is a space that is personal to you, a space for relaxation and well-being. Our team at GEVO, in co-operation with our Italian suppliers are in a position to support your choices and preferences by offering additional design options through 3D presentations.

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