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Equally important for your bathroom is the choice of shower tray. At Gevo you will find a large selection of shower trays in terms of material, dimensions and price. A key factor to consider in choosing the right product is the functional and aesthetic harmonisation with the surrounding area.

In all our showrooms you may find square, rectangular or semi-circular shower trays. Made of fireclay, acrylic or solid surface in various dimensions and thicknesses from 3mm to 6mm. Built-in systems and technologies are also available.

Fireclay: The material offers good resistance to chemicals, to friction and is easy to clean. Available in heights of 6-12cm.

Acrylic: Shower trays in this class are available in heights of 3.5 cm and 7.5cm, they have a porous-free surface, they are impact resistant and easy to clean.

Solid surface material: Made of a homogenous mixture offering a stone look and texture. Very flexible in design, size,and colour, the material also offers good impact resistance and any scratches can even be repaired in situ.

Built-in (custom-made): A built-in shower is a beautiful idea for every stylish bathroom. It is even more useful for small bathrooms with a shower. At GEVO, you will find a wide variety of drainage systems (square or linear) with various grating options. A built-in shower provides comfort, functionality, and excellent aesthetic result. It can be done in any shape and size, covered with tiles from a huge variety. It is very important that proper waterproofing and appropriate adhesives are used. Here again, GEVO engineers are at your disposal to offer the best possible solution.

Shower Trays

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